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Epstein’s Zorro Ranch appears to be built over an unlisted Atlas Missile Silo.


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This is an aerial view of Jeff Esptein’s Zorro Ranch. Others have remarked that the area of disturbed earth next to the home appears to be an Atlas launch pad.

Zorro Ranch home next to Atlas Missile Launch Pad

This is an Atlas missile on a launch pad at Willow, Oklahoma. Image is from University of Wyoming.

Atlas Missile Launch Pad .

These are the Atlas missile silo complex locations. Walker Air Force Base in New Mexico was one of them.

Atlas Missile Launch bases

New Mexico Historical Markers website says: “Each of these bases would have various silos spread throughout the surrounding country side.” Walker Air Force base in Roswell, New Mexico was one of them. It’s about 170 miles from Epstein’s Zorro Ranch to the old Walker Air Force base.

Distance from Zorro Ranch to Walker Air Force Base

This is a Historic Marker where Walker Air Force Base used to be. The marker says “The abandoned silos are now privately owned.”

Historic Marker Atlas Missile Silos Walker Air Force Base

Epstien’s Zorro Ranch isn’t on this map of Atlas Missile solo locations, however. Image is from the New Mexico Historic Markers website. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the United States had a few locations they did not report. There is another similar map here from Silo World.

Atlas Missile Silo locations don’t show one near Jeff Epstein’s Zorro Ranch

This is a spiral staircase leading down from the home at Zorro Ranch. The image was taken by a contractor who worked at Zorro Ranch.

Spiral Staircase Leads Down into Living Quarters of Old Atlas Missile Silo
A Staircase leading down to control room of Atlas Missile Silo.

Eddy Aragon interviewed the contractor who worked at Zorro Ranch.

Below are images from a home built over an Atlas missile silo in the Adirondack mountains in New York. Atlas Obscura: “The control center of an Atlas nuclear missile silo, this was where defense workers awaited orders to initiate an intercontinental ballistic missile strike. Now decommissioned, it has been repurposed into a dwelling for buyers who value maximum security and can shell out a six-figure sum.” 

Home for Sale Built over Atlas Missile Silo in New York

Here’s another artist conception of how the silos were constructed, with the silo itself and adjacent living quarters. Image is from The Military Standard. The silos were 180′ in height.

Artist Depiction Underground Area Atlas Missile Silo

Here’s a great article from ScoutingNY of the home in the Adirondacks. No doubt this is what Epstein did. Lots of details and pictures in the link.

Corey’s Digs wrote a great article on Epstein’s Zorro Ranch: “Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch Insulated?” Please click on that link. It’s a detailed analysis of the property there. I’m going to take a few facts from it. First, “the state of New Mexico owns land adjacent in addition to a chunk of land right smack in the middle of Epstein’s parcel.”

Image from

Second, you have this thing.

Image from

The Military Standard has some photos of an old abandoned Atlas site. It includes photos of a circular concrete and steel antenna cover. The antenna was to be raised after launch to help guide the missile. It appears to be smaller than 31′ diameter. The fuel storage tanks could have been this large though. They’ve been removed in the photo on Atlas Military Standard, and only the pit remains. I think this circular structure reported by Corey’s Digs could have been a fuel storage silo for an Atlas Missile.

Image from

The Military Standard: “Antenna Cover An antenna helped to provide guidance information to the missile once it was airborne. Upon firing a missile this heavy metal cover would pop open to allow an antenna to extend into the air.”

Image from

The Military Standard: “Fueling Area The fuel storage tanks were once located where the pit now appears. Liquid nitrogen and oxygen was stored in separate tanks. The actual missile was stored on alert with RP-1 on board. The liquid oxygen was added at the start of launch countdown, before the missile was raised on the elevator just prior to launch. A much smaller amount of liquid nitrogen was used to pressurize tanks and for other purposes.”

New Mexico recently canceled the lease of Cypress, Inc. From Inside Sources: “New Mexico State Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard said a letter canceling the state-property leases has been sent to Cypress Inc., a company owned by Epstein and listed as the owner of the ranch.” “Garcia Richard said the state land was actually used to shield Epstein and others in his circle while committing salacious acts on the 8,000-acre luxury property. The land will now be confiscated and put to proper use.”

As The Military Standard said, many of these Atlas Missile Silos have been put to new private uses: “The last decade has seen a resurgence of interest in the Atlas facilities. In the Midwest, one Atlas D site has been converted into a manufacturing plant for ultralight aircraft, and another hosts high school activities. The Atlas F silos also are being put to work. One flooded silo is used for scuba diving, another has been converted to a luxury apartment with a private airstrip, and a third is being considered for conversion into an ultra-secure computer server operations facility.”

What may complicate matters for the United States Government, however, is that Epstein’s silo doesn’t appear to be on any government maps of disclosed Atlas Missile locations, raising questions about how Epstein wound up with this one; how many more undisclosed locations are there and what are they being used for, etc..



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