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Do we know everything about the NSA/Israeli mercenary hackers employed by UAE yet?


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Ever since the Reuters articles came out about Project Raven and former NSA employees targeting American citizens from UAE, I’ve had a bad feeling about what else they may have been involved in. There is a history with former US counterterrorism employee Richard Clarke and UAE in the years just prior and after 9/11 that I don’t like one bit.

Then you have all these meetings with George Nader, MBZ, and members of Trump’s campaign- “The Red Sea Conspiracy” as Seth Abramson describes it.

I don’t know where I’m going with all this. This is just more of a file dump than anything else with a few observations. I just can’t help thinking there was something larger at work here than we realize yet, because UAE employed a NSA/Israeli cyber mercenary alliance, and I believe that both the CIA and Mossad were behind the likes of Jeff Epstein and Les Wexner.

March 1999. NY Times. In March 1999, German intelligence officials gave the Central Intelligence Agency the first name and telephone number of Marwan al-Shehhi, and asked the Americans to track him.   The name and phone number in the United Arab Emirates had been obtained by the Germans by monitoring the telephone of Mohamed Heidar Zammar, an Islamic militant in Hamburg who was closely linked to the important Qaeda plotters who ultimately mastermined the Sept. 11 attacks, German officials said.  An American official said: ”The Germans did give us the name ‘Marwan’ and a phone number, but we were unable to come up with anything. It was an unlisted phone number in the U.A.E., which he was known to use.’’  

Other reports said that the UAE phone service was a government monopoly and could have easily located Marwan with his first name and a phone number. The New York Times report above says that the 9/11 Commission noted that the Germans gave the CIA the name Marwan, but they did not note that the Germans gave the CIA his phone number as well. Marwan flew the 767 into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

March 7, 1999. 9/11 Commission. On March 7, 1999, (Richard) Clarke called a UAE official to express his concerns about possible associations between Emirati officials and Bin Ladin…. Imagery confirmed that less than a week after Clarke’s phone call the camp was hurriedly dismantled, and the site was deserted.163 CIA officers, including Deputy Director for Operations Pavitt, were irate. “Mike” thought the dismantling of the camp erased a possible site for targeting Bin Ladin.164 

“Mike,” as referenced in the 9/11 Commission, is Michael Scheuer. You can read more here about why he and others at the CIA were “irate.” In my opinion, it’s pretty obvious that Richard Clarke called UAE in order to tip Osama bin Laden off before he was set to be on the receiving end of a missile. I researched things of that nature previously here, although I cut if off in September 1998 at the “Starr Report.”

March 2001. Judicial Watch. Cheney’s Energy Task Force Documents Feature Map of UAE Oilfields, pipelines, terminals, etc.  They also have the same style maps of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. I’m not sure of the relevance, but I’m sure I don’t like it.

July 11, 2003. Computer World: Richard Clarke joins Good Harbor Consulting, which has an office in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

So it looks like this guy first tips off Osama bin Laden by calling UAE before 9/11, then he was on the National Security Council on 9/11 as a “Special Advisor to the President on cybersecurity and cyberterrorism,” then he joins this company as CEO that’s doing business with UAE.

2008. Reuters. In 2008, Clarke went to work as a consultant guiding the United Arab Emirates as it created a cyber surveillance capability that would utilize top American intelligence contractors to help monitor threats against the tiny nation.

2009. Seth Abramson, Proof of Conspiracy, page 54 In 2009, mercenary company owner Elliott Broidy is convicted of a misdemeanor for paying $1 million in bribes to New York government officials; in exchange for these bribes, Broidy had secured $250 million in pension investments in a company he founded in Israel.165 In Abu Dhabi, an American diplomat sends a cable to Washington observing that MBZ is building up a mercenary army to counter a nuclearized Iran: MBZ “sees the logic of war dominating the [Middle East] region,” the cable says, “and this thinking explains his near-obsessive efforts to build up his armed forces.”166 That the Emirati military is small and “considered inexperienced” is a source of significant worry for MBZ.167 

A mercenary army. OK. This guy was on the RNC from 2005-2008 and 2017-2018.

2010. Seth Abramson, Proof of Conspiracy, page 60 . In keeping with MBZ’s concerns about Muslim soldiers, Prince has, by 2010, established a strict “no Muslims” policy for his mercenary army, and is hoping, per the New York Times, to “build an empire in the desert, far from … trial lawyers, Congressional investigators and Justice Department officials.” 

2010. Seth Abramson, Proof of Conspiracy, page 54 . The man in charge of raising MBZ’s mercenary army in 2010, working under the project title “Reflex Responses” or “R2,” is Erik Prince—who is favored by MBZ not least because he is able to quickly congregate mercenary armies of non-Muslims, a critical skill set given that MBZ does not “believe Muslim soldiers could be trusted to kill other Muslims.”168 

Spring 2010. Washington Post. In the spring of 2010, a sheik in the government of Qatar began talks with the U.S. consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton about developing a plan to build a cyber-operations center.  That was when J. Michael McConnell, a senior vice president at Booz Allen and former director of national intelligence in the George W. Bush administration, learned that Qatar wanted U.S. personnel at the keyboards of its proposed cyber-center, potentially to carry out attacks on regional adversaries.  “We can’t have Americans at the keyboard running offensive operations,” said McConnell, a retired admiral who also ran the top-secret National Security Agency, according to those present. “It could be interpreted as an act of war.”  “Every modern country in the world is creating some sort of offensive or defensive cyber-capability either in its military or intelligence service,” said Richard A. Clarke, a former senior U.S. counterterrorism official whose firm Good Harbor provides cybersecurity advice but does not currently work for any foreign government in that area.  Under State Department export-control rules, U.S. companies need a license to train foreign governments in cyber-capabilities for a national security purpose.  The State Department declined to say how many licenses have been issued. But one company, CyberPoint of Baltimore, was granted a license to provide advice on cyberdefense and policy to the United Arab Emirates. In September, the UAE established the National Electronic Security Authority to protect its computers against cyberthreats.

Booz Allen Hamilton turned UAE down. CyberPoint didn’t. Mercenaries aren’t just former Navy Seals. Cyber-mercenaries are a big deal. UAE was in the market for them. American-based companies doing things like this need a license from the State Department. CyberPoint was one granted a license.

2011. The Intercept. Cyberpoint began selling hacking software to the UAE in 2011 and has earned at least $634,500 in revenue from the relationship.  Paladin Capital Group, a private equity firm that has invested repeatedly in startup NSA contractors, partnered with the UAE sovereign wealth fund Mubadala ICT to invest in Cyberpoint. According to reports, Cyberpoint trains analysts with the Electronic Security Authority, the Emirati intelligence agency. Richard Clarke, the former national security adviser to President George W. Bush, reportedly helped secure the Abu Dhabi contract.

Yeah, no surprise Richard Clarke helped CyberPoint get the license. He was a part of President Clinton’s administration for 8 years, and Hillary Clinton was over the State Department in 2011.

November 29, 2012. United Press: However, Intelligence Online website reported Nov. 29 that Abu Dhabi, the oil-rich powerhouse emirate that heads the United Arab Emirates, has created the Electronic Security Authority to protect its computer networks.  CyberPoint International, a small computer technology company in Baltimore that specializes in network penetration testing, has been hired to set up the ESA and train its staff, IO reported.  It was founded in 2009 by Karl Gumtow, former vice president for intelligence at U.S. defense contractor SRA International of Fairfax, Va.  IO said CyberPoint was helped in securing the Abu Dhabi contract through Richard Clarke, U.S. President George W. Bush‘s adviser on anti-terrorism and cybersecurity who now advises Abu Dhabi on security issues.

OK, so CyberPoint is training a new government agency based in Abu Dhabi/UAE called Electronic Security Authority.

2013. Seth Abramson, Proof of Conspiracy, page 58 The next year, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), a Kremlin investment vehicle run through state-owned development bank Vnesheconombank and directed by a Putin lieutenant named Kirill Dmitriev, enters into a co-investment agreement with the UAE that will eventually lead to an infusion of $6 billion in Emirati cash to various Russian infrastructure projects; the agreement between the Kremlin and Abu Dhabi comes after a face-to-face meeting between Putin and MBZ.193  It is also in 2013 that Mohammed bin Zayed enters into a multibillion- dollar co-investment with Vnesheconombank’s and Kirill Dmitriev’s RDIF.5 The co-investment, according to the New York Times, is “part of an effort [by the UAE] to build close relations to Russia.” The immediate effect of the joint venture is that the UAE invests in a slew of major projects in Russia, including the building of roads, an airport, and several cancer treatment centers. 

UAE has a lot of money and they’re kissing up to Russia for some reason.

August 2013. New York Times. Leaked emails submitted in the lawsuits show that the U.A.E. signed a contract to license the company’s (NSO Group) surveillance software as early as August 2013.  The U.A.E. does not recognize Israel, but the two appear to have a growing behind-the-scenes alliance. Because Israel deems the spyware a weapon, the lawsuits note, the NSO Group and its affiliates could have sold it to the Emirates only with approval by the Israeli Defense Ministry.

So now NSO Group shows up. Who are they? They’re a company that was started by members of Israel’s Signals Intelligence Unit 8200. Good article on them here. One of their specialties was exploiting iPhones with Pegasus software. There are reports that their software was involved in Saudi Arabia’s murder of Jamal Khashoggi. This was also used in Pakistan and Mexico. NSO Group used WhatsApp as a back door. You get the picture. Hackers, big time.

2014. Seth Abramson, Proof of Conspiracy, page 58 . By 2014, Nader has left his employ with Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki and is working as an adviser to MBZ, during which course of employment he becomes, according to the Mueller Report, a “close business associate” of Dmitriev, whom the report deems “closely associated” with Vladimir Putin. Though it is unknown whether Nader’s prior access to top Kremlin officials led to him having direct involvement in the highly lucrative 2013 RDIF-UAE negotiations, what is certain is that once Nader becomes an adviser to the Emirati royal court he “return[s] to Russia frequently,” according to the New York Times, and even “accompanie[s] [MBZ] … to Moscow on a number of those trips.”194 

So George Nader is acting as a liaison between UAE (MBZ) and Russia (Dmitriev) at this point.

May 2014. Reuters. In the wake of the scandal, Marc Baier, a former colleague at NSA Hawaii, offered her the chance to work for a contractor in Abu Dhabi called CyberPoint. In May 2014, (Lisa) Stroud jumped at the opportunity and left Booz Allen... She had joined Project Raven, a clandestine team that included more than a dozen former U.S. intelligence operatives recruited to help the United Arab Emirates engage in surveillance of other governments, militants and human rights activists critical of the monarchy.

The Reuters article references Lisa Stroud. She was hired by CyberPoint to work on Project Raven, “targeting” people, and she later regretted it and spoke to the FBI and Reuters about it. There’s no Project Raven logo, but someone made this one. I’m sure it was a good deal more sophisticated than this, haha.

Fall 2015. Seth Abramson, Proof of Conspiracy, page 150. It is while Zamel is working with the UAE that he launches Psy-Group, which quickly expands its operations into America and the United Kingdom.396 Psy-Group’s marketing materials lean heavily on the firm’s association with the Israeli military, inasmuch as they emphasize that the Israeli company was “founded and is managed by an experienced group of former high-ranking officers from elite units of some of the world’s most renowned intelligence agencies. [Psy-Group] has a proven track record in information gathering, analysis, research, special intelligence operations and technology in the physical and cyber domains.”397 Tellingly, Psy-Group appears to begin its operations in the weeks and months immediately after the fall 2015 meeting MBZ attended with MBS and el-Sisi on a yacht in the Red Sea, at which meeting the three Arab leaders agreed to work to elect Donald Trump as U.S. president. Certainly, Wikistrat and Psy-Group’s corporate histories confirm that Zamel was at least a “consultant” to MBZ at the time of the meeting; notably, part of the Red Sea Conspiracy’s underlying scheme was to bring several Sunni Arab Gulf states more closely in league with Israel, particularly the Israeli military.398 

November, 2015. Seth Abramson, Twitter. THE RED SEA CONSPIRACY BEGINS. November/December 2015. A yacht in the Red Sea. Nader pitches to three Middle Eastern leaders—MBS, Saudi Arabia; MBZ, UAE; al-Sissi, Egypt—a plan to collude pre-election with a US pol (Trump) to create a pro-US, pro-Israel Muslim-nation alliance.

OK, so UAE has all this cyber-stuff from mercenaries of the NSA and Israel’s Unit 8200 and they want to elect Trump.

November, 2015. The Intercept: sometime after its public debut last November, DarkMatter or a subsidiary began aggressively seeking skilled hackers, including some from the United States, to help it accomplish a wide range of offensive cybersecurity goals. Its work is aimed at exploiting hardware probes installed across major cities for surveillance, hunting down never-before-seen vulnerabilities in software, and building stealth malware implants to track, locate, and hack basically any person at any time in the UAE, several sources explained. As Margaritelli described it in an email to me, “Basically it’s big brother on steroids.”

Oh great. So let’s add another cyber company to UAE. Dark Matter, who are they? They were founded in the UAE, “Luring ex-Israeli Intel Officers With Astronomical Salaries.”

November 2, 2015. Stephens Logic, Twitter. DarkMatter CEO Faisal Al Bannai talks cyber security and smart cities creating happy citizens #AFCSDXB2015

Late 2015. Reuters. In late 2015, the power dynamic at the Villa shifted as the UAE grew more uncomfortable with a core national security program being controlled by foreigners, former staff said. Emirati defense officials told Gumtow they wanted Project Raven to be run through a domestic company, named DarkMatter.

UAE is going to have their own Cyber agency, but it’s still going to be staffed by NSA and Unit 8200.

December 2015. Seth Abramson, Twitter. #12 MBZ ILLEGALLY ENTERS AMERICA TO NEGOTIATE. December 2016. Trump Tower. Emirati Crown Prince MBZ covertly enters the U.S. to meet with Kushner, Bannon, Nader, Flynn, and possibly others as a follow-up to an August 2016 Trump Tower meeting. This leads to the SEYCHELLES MEETING.

December 29, 2015. Seth Abramson, Proof of Conspiracy, page 131 According to BuzzFeed News, by December 29, 2015, American mercenaries employed by private U.S. companies are working with the United Arab Emirates to assassinate enemies of the Emirati royal family.273 The digital media outlet reports on a December 29 operation its reporter Aram Roston calls “the first operation in a startling for-profit venture. For months in war- torn Yemen, some of America’s most highly trained soldiers [will work] on a mercenary mission of murky legality to kill prominent clerics and Islamist political figures.”274 While it is unknown whether the mercenary company run for MBZ by Trump shadow national security adviser Erik Prince supplies mercenaries for this December operation, or whether the “anti-terrorism” alliance announced by MBS days earlier corresponds in part to this clandestine assassination agenda promoted by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, it is clear that the operation occurs simultaneously with another event of dubious legality: the discussion Michael Flynn participates in regarding the possible kidnapping, rendition, and prosecution for treason of Turkish cleric and prominent Erdogan critic Fethullah Gulen. 

Prince is providing assassin-mercenaries to UAE.

Spring 2016. The DNC is hacked. The DOJ later blames Russia. The DNC does not provide their servers to the FBI.

August 3, 2016. NY Times.  George Nader, Erik Prince, and Joel Zamel meet in Trump Tower. Nader told Trump Jr. that Saudi Arabia and UAE wanted to help Trump win the election. Joel Zamel of Psy Group made a sales pitch on how his company could help.

January 11, 2017. Digg. Seychelles:  George Nader (representing the UAE and the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan), Erik Prince, Kirill Dmitriev (CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF)).    Prince and Dmitriev met for the first time that afternoon in Nader’s villa, with Nader present.

Spring 2017. Reuters: Stroud noticed that a passport page of an American was in the system.  She saw that security forces had sought surveillance against two other Americans.  Days later, Stroud said she came upon three more American names on the hidden targeting queue.  Those names were in a category she hadn’t seen before: the “white category” — for Americans. This time, she said, the occupations were listed: journalist.

Trump is in the White House, and UAE feels bold enough to target American citizens.

May 20, 2017. Washington Post. Donald Trump arrives in Saudi Arabia, his first trip to foreign country as POTUS.     During his two-day visit to ­Riyadh, Trump met with the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council — Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar — and held individual closed-door meetings with several GCC leaders, including the Qatar emir. The day before his departure on the morning of May 22, Trump delivered a speech, focused on the need for religious tolerance and unity against terrorism, to more than 50 Muslim leaders gathered from around the world for the occasion.  In what the administration hailed as a high point of the visit, the Saudis agreed to purchase $110 billion in U.S. arms and signed letters of intent to invest hundreds of billions in deals with U.S. companies.  He had told the Saudis in advance, Trump said in an interview Wednesday with the Christian Broadcasting Network, that the agreements and purchases were a prerequisite for his presence. “I said, you have to do that, otherwise I’m not going,” Trump recounted.

May 23, 2017. Washington Post. The United Arab Emirates orchestrated the hacking of Qatari government news and social media sites in order to post incendiary false quotes attributed to Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani, in late May that sparked the ongoing upheaval between Qatar and its neighbors, according to U.S. intelligence officials.  The hacks and posting took place on May 24, shortly after President Trump completed a lengthy counterterrorism meeting with Persian Gulf leaders in neighboring Saudi Arabia and declared them unified.  Citing the emir’s reported comments, the Saudis, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt immediately banned all Qatari media. They then broke relations with Qatar and declared a trade and diplomatic boycott, sending the region into a political and diplomatic tailspin that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has warned could undermine U.S. counterterrorism efforts against the Islamic State.

After Trump leaves Saudi Arabia, UAE hacks Qatar to make their emir look bad.

June 5, 2017. On June 5, 2017, the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia began a blockade of Qatar in an effort to isolate it.

October 2017. Jessica Schulberg, Huffington Post. Elliot Broidy briefed President Trump on a plan to build a Muslim mercenary army for the UAE. This Muslim mercenary army was to be led by Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Broidy made notes, and sent that document to George Nader.  Broidy traveled to UAE on behalf of Circinus, his private defense and intelligence firm.  Broidy met with MBZ there. 

July 9, 2019. Reuters. Mozilla blocks UAE (DarkMatter) bid to become an internet security guardian after hacking reports (of Qatar, which led to the blockade). That means they want to certify websites as safe. What UAE hackers are trying to do is send people to phishing sites that they certify themselves.

August 01, 2019. Reuters. Google blocks websites certified by DarkMatter, after Reuters reports. Google takes considerably more time than Mozilla did to do this.


It feels like deja vu or crying wolf to look at all this with the Russia, Russia, Russia theme so saturated in everyone’s mind. But maybe that was the plan all along. I’m just hoping more information develops.


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