Going Bust I spent £22K on FOUR boob jobs to get...

I spent £22K on FOUR boob jobs to get my dream 30KK chest and I love them


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WHEN mum-of-two Tracy Kiss was 18 she – like three in four of us Brits – hated her flat 30A chest.

But now, 15 years later, after spending £22k on FOUR boob jobs and being a PIP implant victim, she has maximised her assets to a 30KK and loves them.

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Tracy loves her 30KK boobs despite people saying they’re too big for her body[/caption]

Here, as part of Fabulous 10-part Going Bust series – which is helping raise awareness for boob confidence and promote the importance of getting checked – the 32-year old personal trainer and yoga instructor from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, talks about why she loves her ‘plastic fantastic’ boobs and how she has no regrets.

“At 18 I hated my tiny boobs. I was a 30A but my breasts were uneven and asymmetrical and my nipples pointed east and west.

“I’d hide my body under polo necks and baggy dresses and had endured years of being teased and bullied at school – being called ‘Tiny-tits Tracy or branded ‘The Ironing Board.’

“I had a boyfriend but would never have the guts to take off my top or bra in front of him.

Tracy Kiss

Tracy at age 18 used to always hide her chest under baggy tops [/caption]

Tracy Kiss

Tracy’s boobs before surgery [/caption]

“So, after working three jobs as a waitress, in a bar and as an office temp, in 2005 aged 18, I spent £6000 on a boob job in London.

“I remember my mum came with me after other members of the family had tried to talk me out of it, saying I was ‘silly’ and that I’d ‘look weird’, but I refused to listen as it was my choice and my body.

“I went from a 30A to a 30DD and the surgeon did remedial surgery to ensure my nipples were perfectly placed and both faced full frontal.

“I was euphoric when the bandages came off. I had a new chest and it was a new me. It was the most amazing high ever.

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Tracy said she had no regrets when she got her first boob job at just age 18[/caption]

“For the first time in my life I finally felt comfortable enough to wear vests and I loved my new curves.

“They instantly gave me more confidence and people would often comment on them saying how they made me a different person and shower me in compliments about my curves.”

“Men especially treated me so differently too, they’d chat me up for no reason. They constantly complimented me on my breasts and told me I looked amazing. These were the same men who had ignored me week’s earlier.

“They totally changed who I was and gave me the confidence I never knew I could have.”

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Tracy says her boob jobs give her confidence [/caption]

But seven years after her initial surgery, Tracy – then pregnant with her second child son, Gabriel – started to get shooting pains in her breasts.

“At first I just thought it might be something to do with being pregnant as the hormones change your boobs so much, but after it seemed to get worse and worse I went to see the GP.”

Tracy was booked in to have a scan immediately and it worryingly revealed her implants (which were PIP) had ruptured.

“I was terrified. I’d followed the cases in the papers and thought it would never happen to me. I then had an agonising four month wait for surgery as they wouldn’t let me go in until I’d given birth.”

Tracy is still fighting to claim compensation but in June 2013 she had the first of two back to back breast surgeries at a private clinic in London.

Tracy Kiss

Tracy post-surgery after her PIP scare [/caption]

“First, the surgeon removed my burst implants and scrapped out the silicone that had leaked into my breast tissue.

“Six weeks later I was back under the knife for my third breast surgery to have new silicone implants put back in taking me from a 30DD to a 30FF.

“I know many women went natural after the scandal or opted for saline implants but I’d done loads of research and was happy with the new implants.

“I didn’t want to give up my curvy breasts but the surgery set my back £12,000 as I couldn’t get compensation straight away.”

But things then changed again in 2015 when Tracy decided to take up bodybuilding.

How to check for breast cancer: The 5 step self exam you can do at home

There is a five-step self exam you can do at home to check for any changes.

1. Begin by looking in a mirror, facing it with your arms on your hips and your shoulders straight.

You should be looking for any dimpling, puckering, bulging skin, redness, soreness, a rash or changes in the nipple.

2. Still looking in the mirror, raise both arms above your head and check for the same changes.

3. With your arms still above your head, check for any fluid coming from the nipples.

This can include milky, yellow or watery fluid, or blood.

4. While lying down use your opposite hand to check each breast.

Using a few fingers, keeping them flat and together, go in a small circular motion around your breasts.

Make sure you feel the entire breast by going top to bottom in these small circles.

It helps to develop a system or pattern to make sure every inch is covered.

Use light pressure for the skin and tissue just beneath, medium pressure for the tissue in the middle of your breasts, and firm pressure to feel the tissue at the back, feeling down to your ribcage.

5. Feel your breasts while either standing or sitting, using the same small circular motions.

She dramatically changed her fitness regime and eating habits to get a lean physique and her body fat percentage swiftly declined.

“My breast fat was the first to go,” she says.

“Despite having implants I lost volume because there was no fat to support the implants.

“I loved my muscles and I loved my sexy boobs, but they didn’t look right so I decided to have my fourth boob job last year.

I love being plastic fantastic up top because it’s a choice I made for me, not anyone else.

Tracy Kiss 32

“I wanted them even bigger. I had the tiny waist, thanks to my fitness regime, and knew going that bit bigger would give me the Jessica Rabbit silhouette I longed for.

“In September I travelled to Istanbul, Turkey and had my old implants removed and new ones put in taking my 30FF breasts to 30KK’s.

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Despite her PIP scare Tracy says she’s not been put off having surgery and will continue to have more.[/caption]

“The upgrade cost me £4000, meaning over the years I’ve spent £22K on my chest since being 18.

“But they are amazing, I feel sexier than ever and love showing them off.

“They are not to everyone’s taste though and I get loads of comments from people telling me they are too large for my muscled body but I don’t care.

“Other people have told me I am dicing with death by putting in more silicone implants after being a PIP victim, however I am confident in my choice.

“I love being plastic fantastic up top because it’s a choice I made for me, not anyone else.

“I’m proud of my breasts and know I made the right decisions for me and would get them done again if I fancy another change.”

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