ENTERTAINMENT Inside Mariah Carey’s ‘dysfunctional family’ with ‘cult-obsessed’ mom she’s...

Inside Mariah Carey’s ‘dysfunctional family’ with ‘cult-obsessed’ mom she’s moved into a home ahead of tell-all memoir


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Mariah Carey is set to publish her first tell-all memoir this month, but insiders have exclusively told The Sun it may steer clear of the heartbreaking conflicts within her ‘dysfunctional family’.

It remains to be seen how much detail the singer will go into regarding her alleged traumatic upbringing and the deep divisions within her family with the release of The Meaning of Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey is set to release her first ever memoir next month
Chris White

Mariah’s mom with her estranged brother Morgan looking healthier and happier before being moved into a home [/caption]

A family insider told The Sun that one of the issues is her own mother, frail Patricia, 82, who had been living in a secluded property in North Salem, New York, until recently.

Mariah allegedly strongly urged her “cult-obsessed” mom to move into an assisted living residence back in January – some 1,300 miles away in Palm Beach, Florida, a 17 hour drive from everyone except a distant niece.

The source says: “I was shocked that she left there, she’s been in that house since 1994. It was a big deal moving to that house from her old home where Mariah spent her high school years.

“Pat would walk down her driveway onto the beach, she loved it there, and didn’t want to move in the first place.”

Chris White

Mariah’s mom Patricia looks worryingly thin in recent photograph obtained by The Sun [/caption]

They claim Patricia always hated the Sunshine State and said “over her dead body” would she ever move there, but Mariah was keen to send her.

In a recent photo obtained by The Sun, Patricia appears to have lost at least 100lbs, compared to family shots taken just a few years earlier.

“We all find it very strange that, with all the money Mariah has, why she wouldn’t move a nurse into the house?” the source said.

“Anyone who’s seen that photo would say the weight loss is pretty dramatic.

“Yes, she’s moving to a nice five-star assisted living residence, where nurses will wait on her hand and foot, but it’s still a million miles from anyone.”

Mariah is estranged from her brother and sister, and allegedly wanted her mom to live in a home

Mariah and her mom have reportedly had a troubled relationship for years, and one major fallout was in July 2001 when Patricia called the police while her daughter was allegedly struggling with mental health problems.

The insider adds: “Yes, Mariah was having a breakdown and was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

“The intake arrangements at the hospital had already been made, Mariah just needed a safe space out of the public eye until then.

Jae Donnelly – The Sun

Mariah’s estranged sister Allison claims their mom was “cult-obsessed” and has filed a lawsuit against her for abuse [/caption]

Chris White

Patricia has been moved into a luxury residential community in Florida, a place she is said to hate [/caption]

“She had her taken away from the home that she’d purchased, had it smeared all over the media that she’d had a nervous breakdown, it was horribly humiliating for Mariah and it was totally unnecessary.

“The whole cop thing was just Pat’s jealous, mean-spirited nature. Mariah was at no time a danger to herself or anyone else.

“Patricia wanted the world to know her vulnerable daughter was breaking down, she enjoyed Mariah being brought down a peg or three. I would have never forgiven her, it was a nasty, vindictive thing to do.”

They went on: “She’s always been jealous of Mariah, she was once an opera singer herself and a voice coach for many years, and ended her career when she had kids.

“Mariah hates having her at any of her concerts, as she’d point out any imperfection, and criticize her for it.

Chris White

Patricia with Morgan’s Italian wife Ilaria – who also stayed at her home for some months[/caption]

Getty Images

Mariah and her brother sadly haven’t spoken to each other in years [/caption]

“It would have been impossible for Mariah to not be severely damaged being raised by Pat as a sole role model.

“Knowing Mariah, she was probably very sweet about the move to the retirement home, saying, ‘It’s the best choice for you’, but I bet you she got a ton of satisfaction out of it, and no one can blame her.”

In recent years, the family has been devastated by internal feuds with Mariah’s eldest sister Allison, 59 – a recovering drug addict and currently homeless – filing a lawsuit last month against her mother saying she forced her to have sex with strangers at the age of ten and watched other kids being abused in a satanic cult.

Mariah doesn’t speak to Allison or elder brother Morgan, 60, who lives off-grid in Hawaii.

Chris White

Mariah’s mom Patricia with family, friends and her beloved pet dog [/caption]

Four years ago, Allison was attacked in her home by an intruder with a baseball bat and had to have brain surgery, but neither Mariah or Patricia visited, with Morgan branding Mariah an ‘evil witch’ for abandoning their sister.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Mariah, 50, discussed her relationship with her estranged siblings, who she now refers to as her “ex-sister” and “ex-brother” – branding them “heartless”.

She said: “Here’s the thing: They have been ruthlessly just heartless in terms of dealing with me as a human being for most of my life. I never would have spoken about my family at all had they not done it first.”

Mariah also spoke about her mother during the interview, and how she has included her in her book to some extent.

“I tried to make her feel like I really do think she did the best she could,” she told the outlet.

Chris White

Patricia has moved from her secluded home in New York, which Mariah bought her [/caption]

“I cried writing a lot of parts of this book. Maybe it’s because I have such vivid recollections. You know what? I’m sure I’m going to have to deal with a lot of people being upset with me. I hope not.”

Now, it looks like Mariah’s cutting ties with her mom, whom she’s had a secretly fraught relationship with for years, with Patricia only being “wheeled out for publicity shots”.

“Mariah would never visit her mom in New York, only for photo opportunities, it was pure theater, the only time she’d speak to her is if she left so many voicemails and guilt-tripped her into responding to the calls,” says the source.

The Mega Agency

Mariah has recently spoken out about her estranged siblings, but doesn’t expect them to reconnect anytime soon [/caption]

“Everyone thinks Allison is the really unpredictable one in the family, but there’s no denying that Pat was obsessed with the occult, which Mariah even admitted to in one of her very first televised interviews.”

When approached for comment by The Sun, a rep for Mariah said: “The Meaning of Mariah Carey is available on 29 September 2020.”

In the past, Allison, who was a sex worker and is HIV positive, filed a lawsuit revealing some of her childhood trauma and their mother’s link to a Satanic cult, but no one has taken her claims seriously.

Speaking about her lawsuit, Allison told The Sun she “blocked out” the memory of the alleged molestation for years, until one day when she was driving with her daughter and began “feeling very strange”.

She said: “I don’t think about it. You don’t think about things like that. You don’t put them together in your mind.”

Chris White

Mariah’s brother Morgan claims her mom had their dog kill a white rabbit he bought for his wife [/caption]

Morgan even has a nickname for his mom – ’Strega’, which means witch in Italian.

But he’s not spoken to her since 2012 after moving into her home and finding out a different side to his mother, as it got “very weird, very quick”.

In recent years, Patricia had been living in her native New York on her own, with failing eyesight and a Rottweiler, which the family say was bigger than her, weighing 150lbs.

The source adds: “It got really ugly between Morgan and Pat. He moved in when he and his Italian wife Ilaria were having money problems, he really didn’t want to as he was 50 years old, but Ilaria was pregnant.

“He bought a beautiful, white rabbit called Elvis for his wife, and Pat had this huge Rottweiler, yet he was so well-trained that he would only eat a fly if Pat ordered him to do.

Chris White

Morgan bought the white rabbit, named Elvis, for his wife [/caption]

“And she ordered him to rip up that rabbit, which he did in seconds. It was Morgan’s first gift for his wife, who’s still traumatized by it to this day.

They added: “It got very weird, very quick. They were finding rat faeces all over the floor, she wouldn’t allow maids in certain rooms, there were bottles hidden everywhere, she was drunk and obstinate from the moment she woke up.

“There was a room in the basement that had a lock on that no one was allowed in.

“Their short stay was horrifying, they were there for several weeks, then packed up everything and left for Italy.

“Before that, Morgan had spoken with his mom every single day of his adult life, they had a very close relationship, he hasn’t spoken to her since they left for Italy and he refers to her as the ‘Strega’.”


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