Soaps Coronation Street fans terrified as Debbie Webster passes out...

Coronation Street fans terrified as Debbie Webster passes out with brother Kevin desperately trying to keep her alive – Bukipress


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CORONATION Street fans are terrified for Kevin and Debbie Webster as they spent another night trapped in the Bistro fridge.

The siblings were locked in the cold storage by evil Ray Crosby on Friday night and are slowly freezing to death.

Debbie was seen passing out in tonight’s episode

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Tonight they narrowly missed out on being rescued when Abi Franklin almost heard their cries for help after breaking into the restaurant.

However they were left cold and almost lifeless with Kevin trying to sing Abba’s Take a Chance on Me to keep him and his sister conscious and alive.

Viewers watched as he was forced into desperate measures to keep Debbie awake – including picking a fight with her so she would row with him.

He told her: “I’m still covering for you to this day. Maybe that’s why you’ve turned out the way you have – spoiled, selfish, money-mad. 


The pair found themselves trapped in a fridge on Friday[/caption]

“You had me and dad wrapped round your little finger since the day you were born. There’s only mum who could see through you. So when she died it was like a double whammy. 

“Not only was she not there to keep you in line but me and dad gave you more leeway because we felt sorry for you so maybe that’s why you turned out like this.”

Debbie took the bait and ran with it, hitting back: “Oh get off your high horse, anyone would think you’ve led the perfect life the way you go on. 

“You’ve done a few crappy things let me tell you. You have cheated on your wife, and served time for assault oh and this is my favourite – fathered a love child with a woman half your age while your wife had breast cancer. 

The brother and sister duo argued as they were trapped inside the fridge

“Two can play at this game.”

But as their row intensified, Debbie admitted she wasn’t happy with her life – and is lonely with only her millions for company.

She told him: “It’s all I’ve got. Do you think I wanted this life? Do you not think I look at you and wish I had everything you have. 

“Of course I love the money and the success – but guess what – it never loves me back.”

Viewers were heartbroken for her.

Viewers were heartbroken for Debbie
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One wrote: “Kevin and Debbie are making me cry. Can’t bear this.”

A second said: “Stand up Debbie! Don’t close your eyes. She better not bloody die.”

Another added: “That scene where Kevin and Debbie were huddled together, actually made me teary.”

While a fourth agreed: “Loving hearing more from when Kevin and Debbie were younger.”


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