Odd News Huge swarm of bees gathers around Florida family's porch...

Huge swarm of bees gathers around Florida family’s porch light


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Sept. 6 (BP) — Bee experts said a large swarm of insects caught on camera gathering around a Florida family’s porch light was likely just passing through.

The Cape Coral family captured a photo when the swarm made up of thousands of bees gathered on the wall around a light on their porch.

Billy Gunnels, who studies animal behavior at Florida Gulf Coast University, said the bees were likely just making a brief stop on the porch while searching for a new home.

“It’s called a swarm and what these bees are doing is they are splitting one of their colonies in two,” Gunnels told WBBH-TV.

He said the bees appear to be on the hunt for a new home and likely moved on shortly after the photo was taken.

Gunnels said bees searching for a new home will leave behind some wax as a marker. He said the family was “lucky” to have had an encounter with a home-hunting swarm.

A group of bees on a similar hunt was removed by the New York Police Department’s beekeepers division in May when an estimated 8,000 honeybees made a pit stop on a 3 World Trade Center awning. The bees were relocated to an apple orchard.


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