Lifestyle Thrifty woman who couldn’t afford outdoor sofa makes one...

Thrifty woman who couldn’t afford outdoor sofa makes one using palettes and eBay buys


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BRITS are finally starting to venture out as restrictions have been lifted, but lockdown wasn’t all that bad for some who turned to DIY to keep themselves occupied.

Among them is Lara Batley and her partner, from Sussex, who managed to turn a pile of wooden palettes into stunning outdoor sofa – and it’s perfect for the warmer weather.

Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks

The whole thing cost just £123 – including the cushions from eBay [/caption]

Lara took to the Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks Facebook group to show off the incredible results.

She revealed that she’d wanted a corner rattan sofa for sooo long,” but couldn’t justify the expense, so the DIY duo put their creative skills to the test and it turned out better then they’d imagined.

Using 14 palettes in total, Lara’s partner stacked them two high to create the base and turned a couple side-ways to make a backing for the sofa.

They then added a bracket and a screw to each unit, before varnishing the furniture with a warm timber finish.

Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks

The whole sofa was made using wooden palettes[/caption]

Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks

Lara Batley and her partner, from Sussex, put it together themselves [/caption]

While many have picked up unwanted palettes for free, the pair revealed they’d purchased theirs for £4.50 each – including the screws and brackets.

And rather then using second-hand cushions, Lara opted for a new, plush water-resistant palette cushion in navy, setting her back a further £60 from eBay.

The £123 price tag, though, is still a steal in comparison to the price of an outdoor rattan sofa she’d always dreamed off – so it certainly paid off.

After sharing the results, she explained: “I didn’t do it myself my partner and his friend did I was just creative director but what we did was just stack two pallets for the bottom seating bit and then one pallet was stacked behind. 

“The bottom seating bit was secured together using metal brackets and the back pallets were secured using 20cm screws.”

Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks

People online were pretty impressed with the results [/caption]

Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed as her post was met with hundreds of comments from members of the group who were seriously impressed by the DIY project.

One follower wrote: “I love it. But mostly love that you thought outside the box. And you recycled. Love it.2

And another added: “I’m going to do this,well have a go anyway”.

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “Wow! I’m well jealous, this is a little private haven, such a nice wee chill out area! Well done”.

And another agreed: “That’s the best job I am going to give it a go thanks for the info”. 

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