Odd News Watch: Deer crashes through New York nursing home

Watch: Deer crashes through New York nursing home


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Nov. 17 (BP) — A deer broke into a New York nursing home and was caught in camera making its way through a physical therapy room.

Bill Betts, an employee at Wells Nursing Home in Johnstown, captured video Monday made its way to the physical therapy room and explored before crashing out of the building through a window.

Administrator Neal Van Slyke said the deer had entered through another building and was inside for about 10 minutes.

Van Slyke said the deer did not appear to have any serious injuries and fled into the woods. He said there was very little damage to the building aside from the two broken windows.

A Wisconsin couple found they weren’t quite as lucky when a deer crashed into their West Allis home through a glass door. Sue and Richard Sujecki said the deer was trapped inside the house for about three hours before being escorted out by state wardens.

The Sujeckis said the deer caused extensive damage to their home while searching for an exit.


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