Odd News Watch: Loose monkey sightings reported in Florida city

Watch: Loose monkey sightings reported in Florida city


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Aug. 3 (BP) — Residents of a Florida town are on the lookout for an unusual animal after locals reported seeing a monkey on the loose.

Chris Ledford of Cape Coral said he and a friend were on his front porch when they spotted a monkey that ran into some bushes and jumped out moments later.

“He was about two feet,” Ledford told WBBH-TV.

Ledford and other witnesses on social media said the animal appeared to be a capuchin monkey.

Ledford said he has been leaving food out for the primate in the hopes of getting another look. He said the food has been disappearing, but he hasn’t been able to confirm that the animal that took it was a primate.

Similar unconfirmed sightings were reported in early July in Portland, Maine. Anna McMurchy said she spotted what she believes to be a monkey running across Congress Street and climbing a fence on the other side.

At least two other residents reported spotting the suspected monkey in the Deering Oaks area.


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