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We’re the most jealous women in Britain – banning our blokes from lads trips & making them check in with us every HOUR


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EVER felt guilty for taking a sneaky peek at your partner’s WhatsApp? Well, meet Britain’s ‘most jealous women’ who take their paranoia to the very extremes.

From monitoring their blokes’ location to banning lads’ holidays, some girlfriends go to ridiculous lengths to keep their man in line.

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Lauren Silverman had a showdown with BGT star Alesha Dixon after fearing she was getting to close to boyfriend Simon Cowell[/caption]

Last month, it was claimed Simon Cowell’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman had a showdown with BGT star Alesha Dixon over misplaced fears she was getting “too close” to the music mogul.

However, Alesha and Lauren later denied the claims and a source said: “I don’t believe Lauren has ever been suspicious of Alesha and Simon’s friendship. There’s no animosity.”

While some couples can make their extreme relationship rules work, others have found themselves paying the price or brutally discovering their fears were justified.

Here we speak to three Sun readers who reckon they are Britain’s most jealous girlfriends…

‘He had to check in with me every HOUR’

Carer Kelsey Leigh, 23, from Wakefield, is proud to be one of the UK’s most jealous girlfriends as it “nurtures her relationship with her man“.

Kelsey and Kacper Kruk, 24, a landscape gardener, are parents to Evelyn-May, now 2, and they live by a strict list of ‘relationship rules‘.

Kelsey Leigh has a list of rules for her man Kacper Kruk

She says: “I’ve been cheated on in the past, so when I finally met ‘the one’, it was time for a tough approach.

I knew I’d have to institute a boyfriend boot camp. I am very much a jealous girlfriend!

Kelsey says ensuring she follows her man’s every move is essential
Kacper agreed to stick to the rules when they moved in together

Kacper and I met four years ago at a pub in Wakefield. The first night we met I could sense the envious glances of every other girl.

Many women let their blokes take charge or do what they want. For me, that’s a recipe for disaster.

A relationship needs love and attention. If you want to be with me you have to put me and the relationship first – above everything.

I knew I had to be very strict with Kacper. He loved all-night computer gaming with his mates and boozy sessions down the pub. However, my work as a carer meant I often couldn’t be there.

The couple welcomed a baby together after falling head over heels

A good-looking man on his own, with mates who can lead him astray and single girls looking to steal someone, made me feel sick.

Kacper is tall, blonde and handsome and so loads of women try and hit on him.

I cannot bear that. I’ll be sitting next to him and he’s so polite that he doesn’t realise.

He and I abide by my set of rules, but he knows I am smitten with him and he understands, if I am happy and he is happy, our love grows.

I refuse to let him go on lads’ holidays. Initially he pushed back, but now he’s a dad they’re a no-go.

Kacper isn’t allowed to go on lads’ holidays anymore
The couple have managed to make the strict rules work

When he is at work he has to text me every hour. When he is out with his mates, he has to keep his location open on his phone so I can track him.

I do the same on mine and it makes us both feel safe and happy, especially now we are parents.

He can have a night out a month with the lads at the pub, but that’s it. He also sends me pics of who he is with.

A relationship riddled with secrets is a relationship doomed to fail. We are a team and when it’s the three of us, we realise the rules are what keeps us super strong.

Kelsey has been open with her partner from the start

I know who all his ex-girlfriends are and he knows my ex-boyfriends.

He always has a spare charger and phone battery with him in case his phone dies, and he always texts me when he is about to leave work and is home within 60 minutes.

It may sound like I am a tyrant, but I am not. We trust each other, we love each other – I am jealous because it’s my job to protect my man and my child.

Like it or lump it, he’s mine – so hands off!”

What Kacper says:

“Kelsey has been in some bad relationships. She was open about her rules and her jealousy.

They apply to her too. Initially I was shocked, but holding our daughter in my arms when she was born two years ago showed me she was right.

It doesn’t make me weak, it makes me strong. Strong to say I love my family and Mrs more than boozing with the boys and flirting with single girls.”

‘I’m always watching to see if he looks at other women’

Personal Assistant Emily Cain, 28, is engaged and lives in Braintree, Essex.

She says: “I usually get jealous because I’m really insecure. I don’t think I’m good enough for my partner, so I’m always worried he will leave me for someone better.


Personal Assistant Emily Cain admits she became very jealous of her partner[/caption]

Even if we go out, I’m always watching to see if he looks at other women.


Emily Cain says she is now engaged – but not before a very rocky road to happiness[/caption]

“Me and my partner have been together for 10 years. People say I’m confident, but I’m a bit of a princess and can be quite stroppy.

The first time the green-eyed monster kicked in was when we were at university in the bar.

He was chatting to another girl and after 10 minutes they were still in deep conversation. It triggered my insecurities so I stormed over and squeezed in between them.

He was horrified and walked off – so did she. We had such a row about it on the way home that a woman on our street opened her window and told me to shut up.


Emily admits she would monitor her partner’s social media religiously[/caption]

In the cold light of day I know it is stupid… but I can’t help myself.

Even today, if he is out with friends and puts a picture on Insta stories I pause it and see if there are any girls in the image.

If he adds a woman to any of his accounts I hound him about who they are. I have to keep tabs.

Let’s be honest, most men would cave if they met a stranger who looked like Margot Robbie! I can’t measure up to that.


Emily says her jealousy grew so bad, her partner even dumped her for a while[/caption]


Emily says being engaged now has helped her overcome some of her insecurities[/caption]

We broke up for a year because of my insecurity. My constant questioning caused arguments – and in the end pushed him to dump me.

He went on holiday and met someone who fortunately lived aboard. I still knew his social media log-ins and checked on their messages.

As I read the nice things he said to her I realised it would break me if I carried on so I stopped.

We were apart for a year, but remained in contact. Slowly, our feelings came back for one another.

We’re back together now and are getting married next year. I do feel less jealous now that we have made this commitment to one another.

But if a hot girl rocked up in a bar I’d make sure his attention was on me. After all of my craziness, he still wants to be with me!”

‘I used an app to read his phone messages’

Youth worker Akua Blacq, 27, is single and lives in Watford.

She says: “People see me as friendly and innocent – they don’t think I get up to the things I do.

I never thought I was a jealous person. In previous relationships I have had there was never an issue. It was in my most recent one that things changed.


Akua Blacq says while she hadn’t been jealous before, one relationship became too much to handle[/caption]

If you are open and transparent with me then there isn’t a problem. It’s only when men try to hide things that I get all FBI.

This guy was older than me. I fell head over heels and within a week we had moved in together.

I went into wife mode, cooking and cleaning for him. It goes without saying the sex was amazing too.


Akua says the stress of keeping tabs impacted her own health[/caption]

A few weeks later the phone calls started arriving – he’d act weirdly answering them. He then started to sleep with his phone under his pillow too.

I came across a couple of receipts and got into his phone to find not just one but numerous girls on rotation who he told he loved them just like he told me.

I use an app to read his Facebook, Instagram and phone messages.

Another friend monitored his movements for me too. She’d send me videos of him talking about other women. While I’m glad she told or showed me the truth, I still couldn’t admit it at the time.


Akua can now see she was being treated poorly throughout[/caption]

At one point I ended up in hospital after passing out. I put it down to the stress of trying to monitor him round the clock.

He pushed me to monitor his phone and check his messages – when I can see now I should have just walked away.

Proof came when I contacted his close friends. They sent me names and pictures of girls he was considering as my replacement.

I eventually confronted him – he denied everything and called me suspicious for looking through his phone. He told everyone we knew I was the problem and was acting crazy.

When I challenged him he told me it was my fault for not dressing sexily enough or wearing enough make-up.

He even told me I didn’t have much going for me because I was a university student working in a supermarket at the time.

I passed out a second time and spent another stint in hospital. When I was discharged I saw him with someone else. He just walked past me without saying a word. I went home and packed. I moved out and never looked back.

I was totally love bombed by this man and it turned me into a jealous psycho woman. I deserve so much better.”


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