Actress, Nkechi Blessing reveals she doesn’t know what her ex-boyfriend does for a living, says lesbians are now in her DM after he claimed she’s one

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The online drama between Nkechi Blessing-Sunday and her ex-boyfriend and acclaimed husband, Opeyemi Falegan, doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon as the actress hasn’t stopped dragging him online after they disclosed that they are no longer together.

Nkechi Blessing reveals

It all started when Falegan during an IG live session announced the end of their relationship in response to comments that he is “Oko Nkechi” meaning “Nkechi’s husband”.

The movie star didn’t take kindly to this and went live on her official Instagram page to rant about Falegan. She claimed she was the one that ended the relationship because he is dead broke and doesn’t satisfy her in bed.

Nkechi Blessing reveals

Nkechi Blessing reveals

Well, Nkechi isn’t done with him as she took to her IG stories to drag him to filth as she claims she doesn’t know what he does for a living even though they were together for “years”.

She also alleged that he is living a fake life on social media and isn’t an Honorable as he claims because he doesn’t hold any political position.

The actress further added that lesbians have been sliding into her DM after Falegan claimed she is a lesbian.

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Nkechi went on to share messages she received from people who made allegations against Falegan.

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