Jada Pinkett Smith Breaks her silence to charge against Will Smith: “I DIDN’T D…

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Jada Pinkett Smith Breaks her silence to charge against Will Smith: “I DIDN’T DO IT, NOR WOULD I DO IT IN ANY WAY” In an interview with US Weekly, #JadaPinkettSmith spoke for the first time about the controversial slap in the face of her husband #WillSmith to #ChrisRock at the #Oscars gala because…



  1. Making up for loss of her hair with a dress that looks like long hair. Cool idea. But, her man has gone mental. You can’t hide that.

  2. She gave Pac love to Will. I guess that still hurt as hell right there. Just passing by thou😋😋😋😎😎😎

  3. Will Smith’s partner has courageously shown that she possesses a great degree of intelligence and maturity only peculiar to a handful of women. She properly schooled Will Smith and I am happy about that. I perceive strongly that if she had been in his shoes, she would have held her peace until the end of the gathering.

  4. This woman Is Jezebel. Will should divorce her as soon as possible. Imagine after everything you saying you didn’t need his protection. Hmmmm

  5. Imagine what Jada said, to top it all, she said she doesn’t need Will’s protection that she can defend herself. Too bad Will. This lady has really cost him alot, especially with the younger guy she was flirting with. No regards for her husband at all. I trust my Nigerian no nonsense men, that slap would have been for Jada.

  6. Looking back at the happens, I feel both Smith and Rock took things too far. Jada’s condition shouldn’t be subject of a joke. Chris was insensitive there. That was body shaming I would say. But for Will Smith to also slap him was also out of line. He would have found a way of hitting Chris with words that hurt. Both need to apologize. Maybe that is why Chris isn’t pressing charges.


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