“Konji made me patronize an ol0sho that’s bresstfeeding” – Disappointed Nigerian Man cries out

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A Nigerian man has recounted a bitter experience he had with an Olosho and he says he is still disappionted at himself.

According to the man identified as Ajunwa, his “KONJI” led him into contracting sexual gratification with a prostitute but he did not know that she was a breastfeeding mother until he’d taken her home.

He later revealed that he regrettably paid for “breast milk” that didn’t taste nice.

His Tweet reads ;

I’ll never forget wen konji made me to patronize Olosho that’s breastfeeding in Lafia.I never knew until we get home. I dey suck breast na milk just full my mouth, I told her ain’t doing anymore & she said i must pay for breast milk I drank,I had to pay 5K for milk wey no sweet

Credit: Yaba Left Online


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