“Our Black African mentality that ‘marriage brings blessings’ is unscriptural” – Reno Omokri

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Nigerian author and lawyer, Reno Omokri, has opined that the African belief that “marriage brings blessings” is unscriptural.

Reno stated this in a post he shared via his Twitter handle on Sunday, March 20. According to him, blessings bring marriage and not vice versa.

He further explained that God first blessed Adam with a job, before he blessed him with a woman.

“Our Black African mentality that ‘marriage brings blessings’ is unscriptural. It is actually blessings that bring marriage. God first blessed Adam with a job (Genesis 2:15), before He blessed Adam with a woman, that Adam chose to make his wife (Genesis 2:22-25).” He wrote.

Meanwhile, the former presidential aide as earlier stated that Marriages can survive infidelity but it can never survive poverty.

In his words,

“Marriages can survive marital infidelity, but it is hard for marriages to survive long term marital poverty. Research it. Finances are the top reason for divorce. So stop saying ‘love conquers everything’. Without money, the love may just dissolve like sugar in tea”.

Credit: Yaba Left Online


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