Sophia Momodu faults skin lightening advert; says people who bleach their skin are the most confused people

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Nigerian businesswoman and brand influencer, Sophia Momodu, has shared her opinion about a viral skin lightening advert.

Taking to her Insta-stories in a series of posts, the mother of one called out the advertisers for showing a “naturally light-skinned woman” walking through a crowd of black people, including children, while they all look at her in awe.

Sophia faulted the advert and questioned what kind of message the advert is passing to children who are dark skinned.

Speaking further, Sophia berated people who bleach their skin, noting that they are the most confused people.

She then thanked her mother for teaching her to love her beautiful dark skin.

In her words,

“So, just to be clear, a naturally light skinned woman is walking through a crowd of darker skinned people including children & they’re all ooo-ing & ah-ing at her beauty.. And this is to sell a bleaching product which literally has “white” (so subtle btw) in the name??

“Meanwhile the entire cast apart from the lead character are all naturally dark skinned people..? Is this what we’re teaching our kids in 2022?.. People who bleach their skin are the most confused people to me tbh.. If bleaching was so great why are you so ashamed of your knuckles and knees”.

See her full post below,

Credit: Yaba Left Online


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