The bible is inaccurate and unreliable – Rapper, Cynthia Morgan says

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Nigerian rapper, Cynthia Morgan, has stirred mixed reactions online after she took to her social media page to share her thoughts on the Bible.

Cynthia Morgan says

According to the controversial entertainer, the Bible is inaccurate and unreliable, and she is surprised that pastors are yet to point out the irregularities in the revered Holy book.

She added that allowing someone else read the Bible and interpret it for you can put one in a serious problem.

“The bible is inaccurate and unreliable and it baffles me that most of these pastors that claim they’ve read this book from genesis to revelation in different occasions are yet to highlight these discrepancies to their followers.

“Having people read this book or interpret it to you can put you in serious problem.”

A while ago, Cynthia Morgan dismissed claims that she is depressed.

The controversial rapper who for the past year has been working to come back to mainstream music has had a few outbursts and Kanye west-esque tantrum on social media that made some persons think she is depressed.

This afternoon, she had a question and answer session with her fans on IG. She was asked if she is depressed and she responded ”Hell no!”

Credit: Yaba Left Online


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