“With the amount of churches and mosques in Nigeria, the country shouldn’t be in the mess that it is now” — Bisi Alimi

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Gay rights activist and public speaker, Bisi Alimi has taken to his social media page to rant about the situation of things in the country.

 Bisi Alimi

According to Bisi who criticized the government of the day, with the number of religious centers in Nigeria, the country shouldn’t be in the messy situation that it is in presently.

He further asked Nigerians to stop praying for Nigeria, but instead start demanding for better governance from their political leaders.

Read his full post below,

“If there is a God/Allah and prayers work, with the amount of churches and mosques in Nigeria, that country shouldn’t be a mess that it is now.

The most depressing part of this madness is, Nigerians aided by their religious leaders will still find a way to justify voting for these league of stupid black men.

Stop praying, start demanding! Good governance is your birthright as a citizen of Nigeria and active citizenship is your obligation.

Even worse is the reality that there are people in Nigeria who can make Nigeria work but Nigerians will not vote for them, hence they can’t be bothered to put their names forward.

My people are so stupid and brainwashed that if you are not APC or PDP, nothing for you.

Honestly, (saying this with tears in my eyes early in the morning) Nigeria and Nigerians deserve better.

I know how passionate, determined and hardworking Nigerians can, and they deserve better life, better future, better govt, better leadership than this Titus pretending to be salmon.”

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Credit: Yaba Left Online


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